Photo Romania Portfolio Review 2020

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Photo Romania Portfolio Review 2020

Photo Romania Portfolio Review 2020

In this portfolio review we want to give you, the photographer, the opportunity to meet and potentially network with multiple industry professionals that you may not have the chance to meet with otherwise. You can also have the chance to become part of the Futures network and project and be selected among the Futures artists for 2020. For more details about Futures Network and project, click here -

For this, all you must do is send us an email at stating your intention to participate and with a selection of 15-20 photos that are part of a former or ongoing project, with a brief description of the project (150-200 words) and a description of yourself as an artist (150-200 words). The deadline for this is March 10, 2020.  There are two options to be part of this portfolio review: (1) either come to Cluj Napoca, Romania, on March 14, 2020 (the exact time and location will be announced later) or (2) send the portfolio via email and, if you cannot be present in the event, let us know about this and the reviewers can analyze your portfolio online. The participation is free of charge.



Tania Castro, Director of PhotOn Festival, Valencia, Spain

She has been committed to photography all her life, but especially to photojournalism as a tool for social change.

She worked for the newspaper El País for sixteen years as a photojournalist (1999-2015). In 2015 he decided to leave his job and start a new stage as a freelancer to face new projects.

She has curated several photography exhibitions and books. Founder and director of PhotOn Festival, international festival of photojournalism, and co-founder of PHEN (Photo European Network), European network of photography festivals, co-founder of FOC, network of Spanish photography festivals.

"I don't consider myself an idealist because I believe that a photograph can change the world. I am convinced of its important role in our history in order not to lose the perspective of what we build or destroy and that it will help us to be better human beings".


Istvan Viragvolgyi, Curator & secretary of the Capa Grand Prize Hungary

István Virágvölgyi (1982 – Budapest, Hungary) studied freehand drawing, desktop publishing and photography and earned a master’s degree from library and information studies at Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary). He worked at the leading Hungarian news portal Origo first as photo editor and then as head of photography between 2007 and 2011 after which he joined MTI Hungarian News Agency as head of the photo desk. Since 2014 he works at the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center (Budapest, Hungary), he is the secretary of the Robert Capa Photography Grand Prize Hungary. He also lectures about documentary photography and photo editing at the Budapest Metropolitan University.

István is interested mainly in documentary photography.


Sebastian Vaida, Artistic Director of Photo Romania Festival

I’ve always liked photography, even if it sounds like a cliche. The first photos, I took without knowing how to do that, without any attention to framing, subject or composition. After a while, I began to understand what is happening in the space between me as a photographer and the subject I was photographing. And many years later, I also understood why I like to photograph. So that I can communicate: a message, an emotion, a concept.

For the last fifteen years I’ve been in the photography area, with different projects, either as a photographer, a trainer or a coordinator. I coordinated an online photography magazine, dozens of workshops and most important, with a dedicated team, a photography festival, Photo Romania festival.

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