Vulnerability is our capacity to be wounded. Being vulnerable means acknowledging and expressing our feelings and needs, even if it means exposing ourselves to potential rejection or criticism. It requires courage, authenticity, and openness to accept our imperfections and limitations.


Vulnerability is a catalyst for growth. Like a flower that grows through the cracks in the concrete, allows you to break through the barriers that hold you back and bloom into the person you were meant to be.


The photos from this exhibition might suggest that vulnerability is not just a matter of what we choose to reveal or share with others, but is instead an inherent part of who we are.  


By embracing and owning our vulnerabilities, we can learn to navigate them with courage and resilience, and use them as a source of growth and self-awareness. In this way, the photos of the woman with flowers around her skin might encourage us to embrace our vulnerabilities as an integral part of our selves, and let them be the seeds from which we will bloom.

Cristina Vâjâean

Cristina's photography style is characterized by a clarobscur, intimate, and melancholic approach that allows her to showcase a less familiar aspect of her subjects - one that is both delicate and powerful.


She is deeply passionate about each opportunity that can unleash her creativity and which she can express her true self. She uses photography as a canvas to capture the individuality of every woman she photographs, while staying true to her distinctive style.


Locația: Negative by Grain Lab, Ioan Ratiu 10, Cluj