Inside View

Inside View



INSIDE VIEW is an ongoing project created and run by photographer and Guernsey Photography Festival Director Jean-Christophe Godet whose objective was to offer prisoners at Guernsey prison an opportunity to learn about social documentary photography as a means of self-expression, communication and self development.

The Project started at the end of 2010 with workshops taking place each week over six months. A group of prisoners signed up and were given access to equipment and facilitated modules specifically designed to give the participants not only the necessary technical knowledge but also an understanding of social photo documentary.

Since its inception the course has been very popular amongst prisoners. This exhibition is the result of the fifth series of workshops.

On top of learning technical skills, the group has regular discussions about the importance of objectivity and integrity in creating a documentary which assisted decisions on what should be included in the exhibition.

Prisoners often feel that the public get a skewed version of life inside and they all agreed that this would be a good opportunity to record places, faces and activities in the daily running of the prison.

Grateful thanks go to the Governor, David Matthews, officers and staff of the prison who have given time and effort to include unusual access whilst maintaining high standards of security at all times. Thanks too to those prisoners who were willing to be photographed and particularly those who posed patiently for the many equally excellent unpublished photos.

The project has been awarded the William Archer Platinum Award for photography in 2014. This is the highest award from the annual national competition organised by the Koestler Trust, which attracts more than 5,000 entries from offenders across the UK.

This exhibition is a collaboration with the Guernsey Photography Festival.


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