Photo Cell Project

Data: Saturday, 13 May | Categorie: Eveniment
Photo Cell Project

Celula Foto is the first project of this kind from us, an independent zine that publishes Romanian photographers. Currently at number 9, the publication was launched in March 2022 and, in the words of Maier Romulus, is "a kind of amuse-bouche offered before the main course of a photographic feast. It's more than a teaser, a sneak peek into the photographer's work, which will make you familiarize yourself with his vision and look forward to the release of a photobook. It is also an attempt to bring into the homes of photography lovers as many photographic perspectives as possible, in good quality and a decent price. From the desire to honestly promote as many Romanian photographers as possible."
The team also includes: Adrian Mihoc, Anca Radu and Cristina Gârleșteanu.
Photographers present so far in the pages of Cell Photo were: Adrian Căpușan, Mihai Ciama, Alex Cruceru, Mioara Chipăruș, Dinu Lazar, Oliver Merce, Sorin Vidis, Vasile Dorolți and Silviu Pavel.
We invite you to meet them, learn more about zines, submissions and great photography.

Saturday (May 13, 2023), 7 p.m. at Negative by Grain Lab (10 Ioan Rațiu Street, Cluj-Napoca).

Locația: Negative by Grain Lab, Ioan Ratiu 10, Cluj