The Portfolio Review is a public event where all those interested in photography are invited to participate with their photography projects, in front of a jury and/or an audience. The purpose is to have an open discussion about those projects and where they are heading, with the intent to present them, in the near future, in exhibitions, projections or even photo albums.

This year, we invite all the photographers with such projects, to present them in Photo Romania festival, with the possibility to show them in exhibitions or other forms. The best projects will be awarded in the following ways: first prize will consist in a printed exhibition that will be shown in 2018 in Romania; second prize will consist in a printed photo album; and third prize will be in the form of a photo projection in 2018. Also, these projects will be recommended to other photography festivals from the Photo Europe Network (PHEN), with the possibility of being presented within these events in the future years. 

Technical specs

Those who are interested in participating in this event, are kindly asked to send by October 12, 2017, at, a link with a selection of minimum 10, maximum 20 images from a photography project, on any theme/category. The photos need to belong to the participants in this event and will be resized to 1200x800 pixels (or something around those values) and each image will have a clear title, representative for that photo. Besides the photos, in a word of pdf file, a text will accompany the images to give further meaning and add to the information. The file will also include the following info – name of the project, description of the project in maximum 300 words and photographers' data (name and surname, phone number and email). This event is free of charge and, depending on the number of the participants, we will decide upon the way of presentation of the projects.  Photo Romania festival reserves the right to bring changes to the organisation of this event. 


Project financed by the Cluj Napoca city hall and local council.


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