Photo Europe Days

Photo Europe Days

Become the photographer you have always wanted! Get out of the shadow cone and show yourself to the world in the brightest colors! Connect to the network of European festivals and get in touch with international art galleries and art collectors!

What if your photo projects could reach their target audience? What if you didn't get your head around learning from mistakes but taking advantage of community knowledge instead? What if your project went up on the European photography scene? How about having the opportunity to meet people from all over Europe who share your passion for photography and with whom you can make friends and collaborate?

Photo Europe Days 2020, September 15 - October 15, is organized by Photo Romania Festival, supported by Photo Europe Network and presented by Fotika PHOTOLABS & PHOTOBOOKS.

Together we create a strong network between the main actors of the European photography scene and the interested public, in order to facilitate the access and to raise awareness on the role that photography plays or could play in today's society. The next connection point can be you!

PHED is for you if:

* you want to have more visibility for your photo projects

* you want to benefit from material support (photo prints) for your exhibitions

* if you want your event to join the network of international photo events

* you want to get in touch with as many potential clients as possible for your work

* you want to increase your knowledge in photography

* you want to keep up to date with the trends in photographic art and the most important photo events in Europe

 * you want to have access to the latest technology and foto- video equipment

* you want to be part of the European community of photographers

* you want to develop relationships and collaborations with other photographers or with people interested in your art.

* you want to benefit from all the power of exposure and interaction offered by an international network of professionals

* you want to be an active partner in supporting and promoting photographic art and events in this sphere.


Okay, that sounds good but what should I do, specifically?

Basically, you don't have to do anything more than:

- organize at least one event dedicated to photography, between September 15 to October 15, 2020

- put all your passion and knowledge into what you want to do: exhibition, workshop, photo camp, conference, photo fair, festival, etc!

- register your project  here.

- to let the world know about it, by all the means you have available (website, blog, facebook, instagram, tweeter youtube, etc.)

The whole world is waiting to meet you! Don't hesitate anymore! Take your chance!

Do you have any further questions? Ask here


The deadline for entries is August 15.

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