Luiza Marinaș

Data: Saturday, 13 May | Categorie: Eveniment
Luiza Marinaș

Luiza Marinas is a Romanian photographer, inclined towards fine art, conceptual, portrait photography, documentary and travel photography. She started her journey in photography in 2007, when she decided to capture in images the places he was traveling to at the time. She has traveled and photographed people and places in Romania, Mongolia, Nepal, Argentina, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Jordan, Iceland, Greenland and many more. But travel photography wasn't enough, so she started challenging herself with different projects. Thus began a beautiful journey into the world of fine art and conceptual photography.

Her photographs have been published in numerous publications such as National Geographic, Foto4all,,, Professional Photography UK, Bored Panda, Fine art Photography, Blur Magazine, Dodho Magazine and Vogue Italia.

She is the author of several personal and group exhibitions in Romania and abroad. The most recent exhibitions are "Mongolia", "Through her eyes" from Cluj-Napoca and "To breathe throughout color" made in collaboration with the Romanian Allergy Education Association (AREA).

Luiza has several photography awards including 3rd place at the National Award, at Sony World, Photography Awards, 2014, Monochrome awards 2022, IPA Awards 2022, Shoot the frame 2016, 2019 and 2020.

Luiza says that photography helped her to get to know many places, people, cultures, customs to get to know herself. And the study of photography with all that it entailed - the technical, aesthetic, symbolic, conceptual part took her to a world where the analytical merges with creativity in a fascinating way, and she feels that she remains an incurable faithful explorer of this land.

Locația: Negative by Grain Lab, Ioan Ratiu 10, Cluj