Introduction to studio photography

Introduction to studio photography

In the last 4 years, the workshops I have taught have always been of masterclass level, with content created for photographers who already have an advanced level of knowledge and who want to explore/develop towards the fine-art niche and pictorial aesthetics .

However, each time there was a number of participants who were rather at the beginning of the journey and for whom some of the concepts and techniques taught were slightly inaccessible.

Following their feedback, we created this course, which will answer specific questions for beginners in studio photography.

This workshop contains the information that would have made my life easier when I was just starting out.


Beginner and intermediate level studio photography workshop.

The structure of the workshop and the topics covered:


Day 1

Theory with practical examples, Q&A - 8 hours

The studio: the necessary space, minimum requirements, what we were looking for.

Studio equipment. What equipment do we need as a minimum, how do we choose them, what and why do we buy: tripods, modifiers, lighting sources, camera, lenses, background systems, backdrops, various accessories, minimal props.

Studio equipment operation explained.

Camera settings for working in the studio, exposure in studio conditions, choosing the focal point, how the flashes work, how we mount and use the modifiers, types of modifiers with advantages and disadvantages, firing the flashes, trigger types.


Understanding the basics of light behavior. How we use, how we position the lights and why.

How to properly light an individual portrait. How to properly illuminate a group/family.


Individual posing, couple and group posing. Communication with the client / model.


Basic knowledge of photographic composition in studio conditions

How we choose and use colors, basic notions


Day 2

Practice, edit, business, Q&A - 8 hours


Construction of the lighting scheme in the studio

Portrait demonstrative shooting in the studio. Simple and effective set-ups, for different situations and results.

The editing station. Monitor selection. Work monitor calibration.

Studio portrait editing, basic techniques in Lightroom and Photoshop. Participants will receive my package of retouching tools (brushes, presets, actions) for Lightroom and Photoshop


Studio operation. Portfolio creation. How I show and promote my work. Communication with clients. First decisions, pricing, good business practices.


The participation fee for the 2 days of the workshop is 1200 lei, includes non-alcoholic drinks, snacks.

There are 12 places available for each of the workshops.


For additional information or to reserve a place, write to


The calendar of my workshops is periodically announced on social media.

*The following workshops "Introduction to studio photography" will take place at:

Cluj, January 28-29, 2023 (sold out)

Bucharest, February 25-26, 2023 (sold out)

Cluj, 12-13 May 2023 (restricted group 7 places available)

Ina Vadeanu

Ina Vadeanu

Vădeanu Ina , istoric de artă

Dr. în Istoria Artelor

Specializare: Artă modernă, Piața de artă

Cadru didactic asociat Universitatea Babes Bolyai , Cluj. Titular curs: „Piața de artă. Autentificarea si evaluarea operelor de artă”.

Manager Depozitul de ARTA,


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